Jacqueline Crowley

Jacqueline Crowley is completing a PhD with the History Department at Maynooth University. Her thesis provisionally titled ‘The five year experiment’: the Incumbered Estates Court 1849-55, examines the impact of this radical legislation on mid-Victorian society. Moving from the famine, her work examines the impact of the wave of radical fervour which swept across Europe in the wake of the 1848 revolutions on the emerging discontented Irish middle class. It further questions whether a social revolution can be facilitated through legislative means and if this template was utilised in other areas of the vast British Empire.

Jacqueline has contributed to the Irish Famine Eviction Project in association with the Irish Newspaper Archive and her MA thesis examining landlord insolvency in county Meath was published by Ríocht na Midhe in 2014.

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Contact Jacqueline: whdw17@nuim.ie


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